Training and Assessment Options

Routes to gain a Stone Masonry Qualification.


Apprenticeships & On Site Assessment. 


There are several options open for training and assessment:


Full  Apprenticeship (Trailblazer) -


Apprentices will attend a college course, on a block/day release basis from your employer, where you will aim to achieve an apprenticeship in Stone Masonry. All Apprentices undertake a core of training and then select an optional route they wish to undertake depending on their choice of skill. There are optional routes for, Banker, Exterior Fixer, Internal Fixer, Heritage Mason, Memorial Mason and Facade Preservation. 


 Specialist Applied-Skills Programmes


Programmes consisting of a variable training package (between 5 to 30 days), with the relevant NVQ competency assessment. These are provided by Priestman Associates and Tywi Centre Carmarthenshire under a Service Level Agreement with CITB, contact NSITG for more information:


- Level 2 Facade Preservation (with L2 NVQ, Facade Preservation)

- Level 2 Stone Fixer (with L2 NVQ, Stone Fixer)

- Level 3 Heritage Mason ( with L3 NVQ Heritage Skills)



 On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT)



This route is designed to enable experienced workers to gain the relevant NVQ achievement. This is the best route for a candidate that is already doing the role to an industrial standard and needs recognising in the form of a qualification. Evidence of competency and knowledge will be required.


Stonemasonry based OSAT NVQs are available in:


- NVQ Level 2: Banker Masonry, Stone Fixing, Stone Cladding, Memorial Masonry, Stone Cutting

- NVQ Level 3: Banker Masonry, Heritage Skills Mason, Stone Fixing, Stone Cladding, Memorial Masonry

- NVQ Level 4: Senior Skills: Stonemason


Additional related OSAT NVQs are available in:


- NVQ Level 2: Facade Cleaner, Facade Restorer, Water Jetting

- NVQ Level 3:, Heritage Skills Facade Preservation


Additional Supervisor/Manager OSAT NVQs are available in:


- NVQ Level 3: Occupational Work Supervision (Construction)

- NVQ Level 3: Contracting Operations (for either: Planner, Surveyor, Estimator, Draughtsperson)

- NVQ Level 6: Construction Site Management: Building & Civil Engineering

- NVQ Level 6: Construction Site Management: Conservation

- NVQ Level 6: Construction Contracting Management




We can help you decide what option suits your needs. 

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