Specialist Applied-skills Programmes (SAPs)

A Specialist Applied-skills Programme or SAP is a commitment by both the employer and employee. It is the most effective way to achieve qualified operative status in the sector regardless of age and is available from age 18 to 63.


SAPs are tailored to new starters as well as to inexperienced or experienced workers. They combine off-site learning with on-site experience to ensure the right balance of technical skills and practical experience.


How long do they take?


Allowing for the on-site assessments an NVQ Level 2 Programme takes two years to complete and an NVQ Level 3 takes 1 year. At this point the successful learner will secure an SAP certificate from SFGB/NSAC, a Level 2 or Level 3 NVQ Award as well a CSCS Card. Compared to a traditional college-based programme, NSITG SAPs provided through StoneTrain combine both classroom learning with on-site experience, so candidates earn while they learn.


What support needs to be given to the Learner?


1) The learner must be directly employed by you. Labour-only sub-contractors and agency staff are not supported by a grant.

2) You must be able to offer the range of work experience necessary to comply with NVQ work-based evidence requirements.

3) You must ensure that your learner has access to support and guidance.

4) You must nominate a manager to liaise with us and our trainers/assessors to help the learner progress throughout the duration of the programme.

5) You must provide tools and protective clothing and allow the learner to attend all the "off the job" training sessions.

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